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Top five local fast food restos

The pandemic has, indeed, given rise to many small businesses- who have given us affordable food and snack options which are price-friendlier, But that doesn’t mean we should forget those fast food restos which have, likewise, been affected by the pandemic. Remember, they, too, had to lay off workers, close some branches and downscale their operations in order to survive. Which brings me to this list. Realizing that these brands have been a part of our lives for decades, I pondered some more on what makes each of them extra ordinary. So here’s my top five fast food restos–and what makes them special (pandemic or not).

1. KFC

KFC - Wikipedia

If there’s one thing insane about KFC aside from their delicious chicken is their ability to churn out new dishes. They’re so bold in giving the staple chicken new variants- perhaps knowing that customers are not stagnant and need a fresher take on flavors. Who can forget their Double-Down? And most recently, the Zinger steak which can now be enjoyed with rice.

2. Shakey’s

Shakey's Pizza - Wikipedia

The great thing about Shakey’s, aside from their legendary thin crust pizza and their mojos, is their bundle promos. They usually mix and match the items on their menu to make sure groups who order are given value for their money.  And then there’s that power to be had from their Supercard. I remember Pizza Hut’s Palm Card which, back in the day, was the card to beat- until they probably  got tired promoting it. This was the chance Shakey’s took to get the Supercard out there. And having one gets you those discounts and perks- which now also gives you access to discounts at Peri-Peri restaurants!

3. Jollibee

Jollibee - Wikipedia

What I like about Jollibee is their introduction to the market of those food faves in a tray like the new Hamburger Steak which comes in a tray of 6 or 8 patties.  This actually works so well for families with kids who don’t dine out now and those who simply want to cut down on cost and cook their own rice. For those who want to skip the rice, there’s also the Pan Spaghetti and the Pan Palabok.

4. Wendy’s

Wendy's - Wikipedia

I have always been a fan of Wendy’s because of their salads which, somehow, balance off their calorie-laden burgers and chicken. And believe it or not, their  spaghetti and fries really taste yummy. Oh yes–who can forget their Frosty?

5. Mcdonald’s

McDonald's - Wikipedia

Their iconic sandwiches- the Big Mac and the Quarter Pounder- plus the McChicken are all unrivaled. So are their nuggets and fries… and sundaes. But if there’s one thing that has smitten many yuppies are their breakfast line. Okay, so they don’t really have many rice meals to speak of, like we Filipinos are so fond of. So you can just imagine how they have become the choice of those who want nothing but pancakes and sandwiches paired with sausage patties as day starters.

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