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Five things to do when you’re affected by the One Side Parking rule

To clear the roads and ease traffic, LGUs have come to implement the one side parking rule.  Some authorities implement this weekly, some, bi-monthly…. Either way, this has caused me to adjust my life- specially because we own five cars. As our office has adjusted work days to only thrice a week, that leaves me three days (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) to think where on earth do I

move my car to whenever the rule prevents us from parking on our side of the street. This has made me come up with a list of Five Places to Go to or Things to do When the One Side Parking Rule Hits You.

1. A neighbor’s unoccupied frontage space- This is contingent, of course, on the fact, that you get along with your neighbor. Some of them simply won’t let you park or put out a plant to the space, rather than let you park.

2. A street where traffic is free- Usually, this is located in a secondary or tertiary road. Sometimes, this is located a long way from where you live and it will take some effort to go back home. Nonetheless, this is better than staying cooped inside your car until night time when you can park on your house’s side again.

3. Go do errands- you can simply go and do those errands you dread like laundry or pay bills or get some appliances fixed. Having so much time to spare doesn’t mean your time has to go to waste.

4. Go to your parents or friends house- The great thing about this is that you can easily sleep there and even save up on meals. Aside from that, you get to visit your family and friends, as well.

5. Go to a Mall- it would be crazy to go malling or shopping each and every time, unless you have loads of money to burn. What you can do, though is just park your car there and either do your work there or watch a downloaded Netflix flick. Come lunch time, you can simply go down and choose from eats in the fast food or food court or stand alone restaus.

       But make sure you choose a mall that has a flat parking rate to save on cost.

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