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Five most common New Year’s resolution

As we count down the remaining days of 2020, we now prep for the all important traditions of buying round fruits, wearing polka dot clothes on New Year’s Eve–and yes! Making our resolutions for the New Year. Of course, resolutions are immensely personal and can vary from one individual to another… But here, let me round up the top five most common New Year’s resolutions–in my book.

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1. Get out of debt and save more

Getting out of debt is easier said than done. Specially for credit card holders who have maxed them out during the holidays or during sale season. To get out of debt entails much sacrifice- including learning to control spending habits and living within your means. Only by paying off your debt and controlling your spending spree, thereafter, can you possibly start to build a savings fund for that all important rainy day.

2. Get in shape or better shape

This is one of the most common resolutions–which may be difficult but achievable. One needs to eat healthier, exercise more consistently and have the discipline to live a hale and hearty life- in order to attain this.

3. Quit smoking

I know of a person who has made it a New Year’s resolution to quit smoking for 10 years now. And every year, he fails. Quitting an addiction cannot be made overnight… it needs to be a day by day process, that requires immense self control and the willingness to simply do it.

4. Be a better person

Whether the goal is to be kinder or to be a more effective worker, or to stop procrastinating, being a better person is actually a very sacred matter. To be able to change any of your bad traits or attitude, you must, first of all, recognize that these are indeed bad traits that need to be fixed. Being a better person requires conscience, self awareness, humility to accept your mistakes and willingness to transform these negative components to positive ones.

5. Spend less time in front of the screen

Used to be, the screen would mean a TV. Nowadays, this means a Mobile Phone, a PC or a Tablet. Technology which you can carry wherever you go has disrupted many people’s lives- some for the good–but, admittedly, some for the bad. Remember, setting your eyes glued on your screens needlessly reduces the time you spend for other activities like conversing physically with people, exercising or playing outdoors.

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