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Five ways to save money this Christmas season

Many people have cut back on spending because of the pandemic. That’s because times are uncertain and many have come to realize how vital having some savings neatly tucked away goes a long way. But no matter the financial dilemma, there’s no way we Filipinos can sit back and let the most anticipated Christmas season pass us by. So here’s the Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Christmas season Without Breaking Bank.

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1. Seize the Day and Buy On Sale Items

Start by making a shopping list and sticking to a budget! If your. Budget is tight, don’t overstretch it. As much as possible, scour for items on sale- whether online or in physical shops.

2. Have a simple Holiday Meal

With social distancing in place, you don’t have to plan for a meal for a whole clan this Holiday season. Just prep what’s enough for a hearty meal for your family- keeping in mind that unfinished food will take up so much space in your refrigerator or pantry. Also , snap up on non-perishable items which are on sale- which you can stock up on for your delicious Holiday Meals (like cooking oil, sugar, mayonnaise, cream, cheese). Also try good quality yet cheaper products instead of branded ones- as long as they don’t really affect the taste of the meals you’ll be preparing.

3. Don’t buy impulsively

Just like looking for a second opinion, always look for second options when it comes to buying new things or gifts. Unless you’re very sure of what you’re buying, then take the time to look around for a good buy.As my personal rule of thumb, when I see something I like, I don’t buy it immediately and either just add it to my cart or, in a mall- I take the time to go around first…. If after an hour or two, if the thought of having the item hasn’t left my mind, then I go back and buy it.

4. Decorate Economically

I personally think that changing Christmas themes at this time is unwise. Just re-use the Christmas decors of yesteryears. And when you have to turn the Christmas lights on, do so at night and close it when you’re about to go to sleep. Your decors can be the colourfully-wrapped gifts under the tree that will surely make any home look festive.

5. Make Your Own Gifts

A homemade gift such as a caricature or a friendship bracelet can be inexpensive yet valuable. That’s because the receiver knows that you gave it a personal touch. Another option is to make an inventory of the things you have, then check which ones you don’t need or want. You can re-gift these, instead. Just make sure that the item is a suitable gift for the intended recipient.

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