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Five reasons why having a guy best friend is the best

For as long as I can remember, having a best friend of the opposite sex has always appealed to me. Don’t get me wrong. I also have developed great friendships with girls. But I guess having two brothers and being closer to my dad than my mom growing up has had a direct influence on who I hang out with. Thought the years, I have always had male best friends–which brings me to the top five reasons why having a guy best friend is my cup of tea.

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1. Less drama

Growing up in an all-girls’ school made me realize that I have always been surrounded by women. Though they’re great to be friends with, sometimes the emotions that run high in our group can be too taxing- even for a woman like myself. During these times, having a guy best friend is a blessing. Because while they, too, can be emotional at times, their episodes don’t last long.

2. They can be totally straight with you

They call a spade a spade. Since they are not emotional, they give it to you straight- whether it hurts you or not. They do not hide their words and simply speak their minds off.

3. They offer a different perspective in life

Whether we admit it or not, a guy’s brain is wired so differently. Sometimes what we term as love can simply be a crush for them. What we see as a disaster waiting to happen can be a breath of fresh air for them. Having a differing perspective makes us see that there is another side to a coin in every situation.

4. Great protectors

This may seem unfair, but males are often seen as dominant and stronger than women (think Superman or Batman). But this perception actually has one benefit. This masculine quality makes them great protectors, whether physically or emotionally.

5. No fuss needs

I think the most important trait about a guy best friend is that he can live a very down to earth lifestyle. He can hang out in a cheap bar or just chow in a small eatery. He can get his hands dirty, if need be and not worry whether he eats standing up or do so sitting on the floor. I guess being a person who does not really enjoy make-up or having salad for lunch makes me gravitate to my guy best friend with whom I can let my hair down without judgment.

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