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Five reasons why malls are still important

Online shopping is now the trend everywhere. Aside from the convenience, online shopping is far safer nowadays than actually visiting a mall. But whether we admit it or not, malls are a big part of our culture. In fact, foreigners themselves have expressed awe at how gigantic our malls are. As malls are fighting hard to stay open given the pandemic, we count down the Top Five Reasons Why Malls are still important, specially with the coming holidays.

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1. Malls keep businesses alive

Malls have always been a hub for people wanting some retail therapy or a venue to bond with family and friends over great food and great entertainment. But while the activities in the malls are now limited (e.g. shortened mall hours, reduced seating capacities in restos, closed activity centres for kids), malls are the main hub for big brands and risk-takers to sell their wares. While many have closed or reduced their physical stores globally, big brands still need malls to make their presence felt and thrive.

2. Malls generate employment

Imagine the countless of job opportunities available at malls. From sales personnel to maintenance work, the jobs generated by our many big malls run up to thousands. When malls closed temporarily, imagine the number of people who were forced into unemployment.

3. Malls make you experience a sense of normalcy

While staying home is good for bonding moments, malls have always been a part of the Filipino way of life. Whether it is to window shop or actually shop, or eat out or watch movies or simply cool yourself with the free air-conditioning, being able to go to a mall gives you a sense that everything is okay and that it’s just a matter of time before we get back to normal.

4. Malls make you experience what an actual shopping experience is like

While online shopping is now the thing, the experience of walking around and finding what you want in a sea of choices is still far better. Plus, you get the items instantly and don’t have to deal with shipping fees. More than that, there are lesser chances that you need to return an item because you can check and inspect it first hand before actually purchasing it.

5. Malls have big vast spaces

The COVID scare has, at one point or another, forced us to stay home. And if you live in such a tight area, this can actually make it hard for you to breathe. Malls change all that for you. With its shiny floors, light interior and bright lights, malls give you such a vast elbow room, making you feel you can move around with freedom.

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