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Five reasons to stop smoking

There are countless of reasons to stop smoking, given that the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over. Of course, many would say that it is a way to relieve stress. But there are other things you can do to de-stress like meditate or even indulge in a hobby (like do a puzzle or play monopoly). There is absolutely no reason for you to smoke. There are no benefits whatsoever. So despite the many times you have heard it again. we count down the Top five reasons to stop smoking––pronto!

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1. The illnesses and sickness derived from smoking is quite extensive

Name it: from lung, mouth, throat and heart ailments… The illnesses are endless! Not only that, it cuts your life span by about 10 years!

2. It’s not economical

Imagine the money you’ll save if you quit smoking. A pack of cigarettes can be better spent–for things like food or utility bills (think about this seriously, as the pandemic is still a long way over.)

3. It’s a turn off.

Yes, it may come off as cool when you puff your cigarette… But give it time. A smoker’s breath and a smoker’s smell is a turn-off, period. Plus, do you notice how it stains your teeth into yellow? Not really a huge point earner when you want to be attractive to someone.

4. It reduces your chances of getting a good sleep

I don’t know about you, But there’s nothing that makes me feel better and energized than a good night’s sleep, specially when you’re beat for the day. The thought of losing a few precious hours of rest because of the effects of smoking is not something i’m willing to sacrifice

5. It helps other people

Help your friends and family live a healthier life by not exposing them to second hand smoke.Also, smoking cuts down the quality or productive time you can spend with them. (Remember the times you have to leave a restaurant or a meeting so you can smoke?). Quitting smoking is also good environmentally as you get to contribute to cleaner air and lesser litter from cigarette butts.

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