Five nations with the cheapest and most expensive mobile data rates

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A recent study by a UK-based technology website,, the Philippines ranked 60th out of the 228 countries with the least expensive rate for 1GB mobile data. It said that the average cost of 1GB of mobile in the country is around USD1.42. The same study revealed that in Southeast Asia, the Philippines ranked 6th in mobile data affordability–behind Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Meanwhile, here are the Top five countries with the cheapest mobile data services per 1GB.

1. India – USD0.09
2. Israel – USD0.11
3. Kyrgyzstan – USD0.21;

4. Italy – USD0.43;

5. Ukraine – USD0.46

On the other hand, here are the top five countries with the most expensive mobile data per 1GB. These nations are said to have insufficient infrastructure and where consumption is small.

1. Saint Helena – US52.50

2. Falkland Islands – USD40.41

3. Nauru – USD30.47

4. Bermuda – USD28.75

5. São Tomé and Príncipe – USD28.26

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Written by Rejina Chel


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