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Five veggies you can skip

Eat your veggies. We usually hear our elders say that–telling us that eating vegetables and fruits will make us strong and healthier. But do you know that there are certain vegetables and fruits that you can do absolute without, as they really don’t have much nutritional value to speak of? Here, we’re counting down the top five veggies you can skip, altogether when you want a snack or want to cook your next meal.

1. Celery

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For those looking for a crunchy veggie to snack on, a celery would immediately come to mind. But then, do you know that a stick of celery has not much to boast about? Yes, it has some Vitamin C and K and antioxidants, but on the scale of healthfulness, this one doesn’t rank very high.

2. Corn

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This is a vegetable that may taste so good, but it doesn’t pack in much vitamins- as it does pack in the sugar. Corn is high in simple sugar carbohydrates and has virtually no indigestible fiber (the kind that lowers blood cholesterol). Instead, the carbs and fiber in corn are the highly digestible kind that converts to sugar and raises blood sugar levels fast.

3. Radishes

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Apart from bits of vitamin C, radishes really don’t have much to show for. And the bad thing is, some people will experience tummy troubles, including excess gas, after eating radishes.

4. Eggplant

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This fruit’s dark purple skin is rich in antioxidants, and it has a decent amount of fiber (about 3g per cup). But the downside happens when it’s cooked. Because eggplants are practically sponges. They soak up the fat, calories, and sodium of the cooking process. So imagine the fat and salt intake you get from that cheesy eggplant bake or stuffed eggplant with beef.

5. Potatoes

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Potatoes have about 115 calories in a cup, contain some fiber in the skin and potassium and vitamin C. However, these are all wasted after cooking. When potatoes are fried and covered in salt, or boiled and mashed, their healthy aspects generally vanish. What’s left is a high-calorie food that makes your blood sugar spike.

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