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Top five best donuts

My personal ranking of the best donuts available in the market

Donuts are a staple in cop shows I watch. But donuts are also the comfort food for those of us who need a quick fix of sweet to brighten our day. Here is my list of top five donuts! (Available and ready, whenever and wherever you are!)

1. Dunkin Donuts

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There is something about their flavors that has Filipinos from all walks of life returning consistently! From the iconic Choco Butternut to Bavarian to my all time fave, the Boston Kreme, nothing can ever compare to Dunkin’ Donuts. And surprisingly, you don’t have to dunk these donuts in coffee or anything to get the full flavors out of these goodies!

2. Krispy Kreme

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I’m just a sucker for their original glazed donuts. It’s the sweetest fix to have around, any time, any day! But of course, there are other flavors that should keep you interested. The Choco Melon Twist, Glazed Vanilla Cake, Dark Cherry Cheesecake and Strawberry Cheesecake. (Now I’m hungry!)

3. J.CO

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When you want something less sweet and premium, J.CO is the place to be at! Just ask their loyalists and they will vouch for how good their donuts are! Top of mind are their Al Capone which combines California almonds and Belgian White Chocolate; Jcocinno (a stellar play of their capuccino and chocolate flavors), Cheese Cakelicious- oreo and cheesecake combo! And their Avocado Dicaprio!

4. Mister Donut

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Truth be told, Mister Donut’s array of donuts covers a wide medley of flavors that can be yours for a much affordable price! From the classic Bavarian and Chocolate Bavarian, they have Choco Crinkle, Dutch Choco Crunch, Mango Bavarian, Strawberry Jam and Pineapple Jam!

5. Lola Nena’s

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This pichi-pichi shop has taken people in quarantine by storm. Not just because of their signature product, but because of their Triple Cheese Donut. You should see how people and couriers stand in line to get boxes of this new metro favorite! Oh, and they also have plump classic sugar donuts for sale!

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