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Five reading genre selections we recommend

When we were kids, our parents would always encourage us to develop good reading habits. Reading not only helps us develop vocabulary, but it also increases attention span, improves memory, and promotes stronger creative and analytical thinking. Readers can easily get caught up with endless genre selections and we know how overwhelming that can be. Here are our top five  recommended reading genre selections that may possibly interest you:

1. Romance

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We are all fans of love stories. There is something about this genre that makes our hearts warm and fuzzy. It is often characterized by sensual desire, tension and idealism. Sample subgenres are contemporary, historical and paranormal romance.

2. Action and Adventure

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These books constantly have you on the edge of your seat with excitement. Any story that puts the main character in daring, risky and dangerous situations, belongs to this genre.

3. Detective and Mystery

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These types of books always has a crime as its main subject, keeping its readers on the edge of suspense. The story mostly includes clues leading to solving the mystery, and/or revealing identities and secrets.

4. Horror and Thriller

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Horror and thriller are often lumped together. Both share same theme, but they have their own characteristics. Horror movie is to ‘horrify’, while thriller aims to ‘thrill’ the viewers. Thriller often highlights stories with killers and stalkers, while horror shows evil supernatural elements.

5. Fantasy and Science Fiction

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Both are often grouped together because both are speculative fiction, but definitely different genres. Fantasy stories are often set in a fictional imagined world that includes elements of magic, supernatural or mythology. Science Fiction on the other hand, often deals with futuristic concepts and technology.

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