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Five things that will take you back to your childhood

We now live in a high-tech world. We are all consumed by the internet and our gadgets, as they have become essentials to our daily lives–whether it be for school, work, or for leisure. We also can’t blame the kids for being too attached to their gadgets because we’re no different from them. But I hope today’s kids can still be introduced to our old toys that’ll allow them to still play outside. Now, let’s take a trip down memory lane to see and reminisce all the fun times we had with just the simple things. Here we list down the five things that will take you back to your childhood:

1. Holen/Jolen

Lucky is the kid who has strong fingers to flick marbles grouped inside a circle because those that land outside the circle automatically becomes his!

2. Plastic Balloon

I remember how I didn’t mind how bad these things smelled because it was too fun to inflate a balloon and repair the small holes in panic!

3. Pogs

Remember the kids who used to have bundles of pogs or teks secured in a rubber band? Pogs is just the circular version of teks. This game requires getting the same number of pogs from each player to form a stack. After a few tries of throwing, each winning player will get their share of pogs that land face up.

4. Play Money

Playing with my toy cashier box and play money was the highlight of my day. I even dreamt of being a cashier because it was so much fun to count my play money! How I wish my play money collection turned into real currency. Hehe!

5. Aroma Beads

Do you remember opening packs of these, soaking them in water, sleeping early because you’re just too excited to wake up the next day and see how they’ve multiplied? Better known as “kisses”, these beads were said to get pregnant and multiply but of course it didn’t. That was just “ate’s” marketing strategy that got us all hooked (even Nadine Lustre became a victim!) They just grow as big as a milk tea pearl once they absorb liquid. It’s still available up until now (known as the brand Orbeez) and apparently, kids still enjoy it!

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