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5 things to do with your decluttered stuff

Now that we have a lot of time in our hands, one of the activities that have kept us sane is de-cluttering. But after we have cleaned out our closets and gotten that all important peace of mind, we find ourselves in a bind on what to do with the stuff we have chosen to get rid of. Here are the Top 5 things you can do with your decluttered stuff.

1. Sell it

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Given that most people are now in need of extra cash, the best way to declutter is to sell the stuff you don’t need anymore. Look around the house and I’m pretty sure you will find some items that are just gathering dust in storage. Keep in mind, if you have lived without using them, then chances are you really have no real use for it.

2. Pawn it

There are some items that are simply hard to let go. Specially those you consider dream purchases like that Birkin bag or that Rolex. If you’re not sold on the idea of letting things go permanently, you can always just declutter by pawning. You can do this safely by going to the PawnHero Pawnshop ( PawnHero offers the fast and convenient service of online pawning, online booking of item pick-up and online loan releasing where you can receive your loaned amount straight to your bank account real time. Aside from the usual pawnshop collateral like jewelry, PawnHero Pawnshop also accepts high-value items such as designer bags, luxury watches, smartphones and game consoles.

3. Donate it

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If you’re really serious about decluttering without the need to earn from it, then simply donate your extra stash. You can always go to your nearest church to bring your items there. You can also course them through organizations like Segunda Mano (run by Caritas Manila), Goodwill Industries of the Phils., Books for a Cause etc.

4. Hand it down

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There’s no denying the fact that there’s always a relative or friend who can benefit from your used items. Spread the love, as you always should.

5. Repurpose

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While some of these items will have to find its way to the garbage bin, or donated or sold, there are some items that can be repurposed to fit a need. This way, you can avoid buying new stuff–which will definitely add to a new round of clutter.

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