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5 things I miss because of lockdown

Trips, staycations, parties and amusement parks. These are just some of the things we have had to sacrifice because of the pandemic. This inspired me to develop my own list of the 5 things I miss because of lockdown and being in the new normal.

Lockdown déjà vu in the Philippines | Lowy Institute

1. Excitement over a long weekend or holiday

Now everyday seems like a holiday. A long weekend used to be a reminder that I don’t have to go to work on a holiday. Now that feels like a regular day.

2. Updated TV series

For a person who cannot live on Netflix forever, it is such a downer that TV production in many parts of the globe have been halted. That’s bad news for me who have followed such series like Chicago PD, FBI, FBI Most Wanted and New Amsterdam. Do I even have to mention the movies that will take forever for any of us to see on the big screen like the New Mutants, Unhinged, The Batman and the latest James Bond installment “No Time to Die”.

3. 3-Day sales

That includes bazaars where you can actually pick up an item and examine it to death before actually shelling out money for it. Now we’re left with zooms to see the texture of a clothing or take guidance from a 5-star rating to know if we should buy a product or not.

4. Basketball

Admit it–the Philippines’ most popular sport is missed terribly. And I’m not just talking about the PBA. The mere noise or sight of your neighbors playing in a court erected in the middle of the street creates so much excitement. Since the sport can’t be played now due to social distancing, many have shifted to golf or tennis. But when it comes to team sports, there’s just nothing like basketball.

5. House as a home

Because I am among thousands who have been allowed to work at home, that actually means more savings for me. But i feel that my personal space and sanctuary has now been invaded by work stuff. And from every angle, that isn’t cool.

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